This little scene broke my heart. The girl who believed in nargles, in wrackspurts and blibbering humdingers, has become the girl who believed no more.


See, the thing that nobody understands, is that Luna believed in things that had proof. She’s a Ravenclaw, a genius, an expert in the unseen but proven. I mean, if she’d started talking about Thestrals before Harry had been able to see them, saying that there was an invisible winged horse pulling the carriages that only people that had witnessed death could see? You’d have thought THAT was crazy, too. 

Luna knows Nargles and Wrackspurts are out there. As far as she knows, there’s proof of it. 

But seashells hanging in a door? Those don’t do anything, nothing but give you a false sense of security.

It’s not that Luna doesn’t believe. It’s that now, as always, she’s frank and straightforward. Seashells can’t keep the evil at bay. Nothing can.

Thank you. She is not a naive little kid who believes everything you tell her. She just knows some things we don’t. Because she looks harder.

well now hold on a minute, this makes no sense. Because there was absolutely no proof of crumple horned snorkacks or whatever they were and she still believed in them. Even when the supposed ‘horn’ from one turned out to be a lie she still believed in them. Even though we know she never found proof of them during her career as a naturalist, she continues to believe in them.

Same with Nargles and Wrackspurts, there was never any proof of any of the things she believed in, that was what hermione had such a problem with. If Luna had mentioned Thestrals and someone was like yeah right, she could pull out a book and prove it to them. The things she believed in were just that, her personal beliefs. Things above the norm of the majority. Like muggles who believe in aliens. yes they might believe in them, might believe without a doubt they were abducted, but try convincing someone else when you have no verifiable proof.

this reference to muggles believing something that isn’t proven is definitely an out of character thing to say, so I think irishwolfling made a good observation.